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4-Way Surge Protector with Telephone Protection
The Belkin 4 Way Surge With Telephone Protector is designed to protect your home and office electronic appliances including TV, printer, and computer.2 metres of cable provide safe AC power to your devices as the 4 Way Surge With Telephone Protector prote
Price £ 10.99
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Surge Suppressor - 240V UK + Telephone Sockets
Protect your valuable electronics from damage during power surges with the Bekin Surge Suppressor. The Belkin Surge Suppressor connects to a regular wall outlet and has input for RJ-11 telephone cables plus an extra outlet for additional power. Your elect
Price £ 6.99
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623UK 6-Way Surge Protector
Giving your components added security against electrical surges, Belkin's 623UK 6-Way Surge Protector with Telephone and AV Protection is a must for those who want to look after their electric devices.Belkin's 623UK 6-Way Surge Protector with Tele
Price £ 12.99
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Compact 6-way Surge Protector
Protect your equipment from damaging surges without cluttering the room, with this Belkin Compact 6-way Surge Protector. Of a unique space-saving design, it has integrated cable management, so all cords can be kept tidy. With this Compact 6-way Surge Prot
Price £ 34.99
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Concealed Surge Protector - 8-Plug
Keep all your cables organised and clutter-free with the 8 plug Belkin Concealed Surge Protector. The closing cover keeps all cables completely out of view.Computers, electronics and appliances can be used by the Belkin Concealed Surge Protector - 8-Plug,
Price £ 24.76
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820UK Surge Protector
Telephone protection like no other, with the 820UK Surge Protector from Belkin.The 820UK Surge Protector also offers advanced electrical surge protection for computers, peripherals, fax, DSL/cable modems and a whole host of other technology.
Price £ 15.29
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PureAV 6 Way Surge Protector
Protect your home cinema and electrical appliances from lightning strikes and power surges with the Belkin PureAV 6 Way Surge Protector. Ideal for use with home cinema systems and HDTVs, the Belkin 6 Way Surge Protector also protects your digital satelli
Price £ 74.99
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PUFP-405 ATX PC Power Supply Unit - 405W
This 450W Jeantech PUFP-405 PC Power Supply is both powerful and includes a number of security features to ensure that your desktop computer works as efficiently as possible. This active PFC PUFP405 PC Power Supply includes a temperature control sensor an
Price £ 34.99
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800W Black 80+ High Efficiency PC Power Supply Unit
The Atrix 800W Black 80+ High Efficiency PC Power Supply Unit provides clean power for your desktop computer'scomponents while producing minimal heat. This switching PSU operates with anoverall efficiency greater than 80%, which is good news for your
Price £ 79.99
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SRG62 Surge Protected 6 Socket Extension Lead - 2m
This Masterplug SRG62 Surge Protected 6 Socket ExtensionLead has a useful 2-metre lead, and provides anti-surgeprotection to avoid damage to your valuable equipment.The Masterplug SRG62 Surge Protected 6 Socket ExtensionLead is a great-value choice for co
Price £ 14.99
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