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IGA10EKW Plasmacluster Ion Generator - White
This gloss white Sharp IGA10EKWPlasmacluster Ion Generator sits on any desk, work surface or floor,providing improved air quality for rooms up to 10m2.Sharp's pioneering Plasmacluster technology releases positive and negative ions intothe air, which a
Price £ 299.99
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KC930EKW Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifier - White
The Sharp KC930EKW Plasmacluster AirPurifier with Humidifier combines Sharp's remarkable Plasmacluster iontechnology with an effective humidifier, providing a total solution for airquality in rooms up to 21m2.Negative and positive ions are generated a
Price £ 249.99
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KC860EKW Air Purifier with Humidifier - White
This heavy-duty, white Sharp KC860EKW Air Purifier with Humidifier combines Sharp's pioneering Plasmacluster ion technology with a powerful humidifier,providing a total air-quality solution for large rooms up to 48m2. Thissophisticated model also offe
Price £ 599.99
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