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F5D5131UK5 5-Port 10/100 Network Switch
The Belkin F5D5131UK5 5-Port Network Switch makes sharing e-mail, printers, files, multiplayer games, and hard drives even easier.The F5D5131UK5 allows you to connect one computer to a modem and the Switch to become the Internet access point for your netw
Price £ 19.99
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F5D5131UK8 8-Port Network Switch
Create an Internet access point through one computer for your network of connected PCs with Belkin's F5D5131UK8 8-Port Network Switch. Simply connect your PC to the modem and 8-Port Network Switch to provide sharing capabilities in e-mail, printers, f
Price £ 24.99
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4 Port USB Expansion Hub
Increase your connective power and productivity with this handy 4 Port USB Expansion Hub from Belkin. In cream and brown, the 4 Port USB Hub is as handsome as it is useful, and is a device you can be proud to own!With 4 independent USB ports you can attac
Price £ 18.99
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F1DF102UUK 2-Port USB KVM Switch
Use two computers but just 1 keyboard, 1 monitor and 1 mouse with the Belkin F1DF102UUK 2-Port USB KVM Switch.There is no software required - all you have to do is effortlessly press a single button to switch between the two computers.The Belkin F1DF102UU
Price £ 59.99
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F1DG102UUK 2-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio
The Belkin F1DG102UUK 2-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio is a versatile product that gives the chance to switch easily between 2 PCs and use two computers with a single keyboard, mouse and monitor.Requiring no existing software, start using the Belkin F1DG1
Price £ 44.99
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4-Port Flex USB Hub
Increase the demands of your computer with the 4 Port Flex USB Hub from Belkin. Let this practical and affordable device save you space and improve your digital data.Including 4 high speed 2.0 USB ports, the 4 Port Flex USB Hub lets you transfer up to 480
Price £ 19.99
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Hub-To-Go 2-in-1 7-Port USB Hub
Ideal for the home as well as the office, this Hub-To-Go from Belkin comprises of a solid 3 port base, allowing you to update your computer's connectivity!Cool in black and silver, the Hub-To-Go is ideal for hooking up stationary equipment like printe
Price £ 39.99
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GS108 ProSafe 8 Port (10/100/1000) Ethernet Desktop Switch
Equipped with 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, the GS108 ProSafe 8 Port (10/100/1000) Ethernet Desktop Switch has been specifically designed to help your small or growing business network handle huge workloads. The Netgear GS 108 ProSafe 8 Port (10/100/1000) Ether
Price £ 57.99
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Clip-on 4 Port USB Hub - F5U416uk
This product is a practical and attractive smart buy for any computer. The Clip-on 4 Port USB Hub - F5U416uk from Belkin has been designed with your convenience in mind. This 4 Port USB Hub lets you attach multiple devices that use USB connectors to your
Price £ 19.99
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ProSafe GS116UK 16 Port 10/100/1000Mbps Switch
For high-speed networking, look no further than the Netgear ProSafe 16 Port 10/100/1000 Mbps Switch. This switch allows you to create 1000Mbps whilst conforming to the demands of tasks with integrated support for 10,100 and 1000Mbps devices. The ProSafe 1
Price £ 119.99
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