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Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset
Creative's Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset is a great quality headset that will improve your gaming experience.With a range of advanced technology to ensure your comfort and quality the Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset won't
Price £ 39.99
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GH20 Vibration Headset
Get an interactive gaming experience with the Saitek GH20 Vibration Headset.The GH20 Headset provides features such as speech recognition, deep bass amplified vibrations and a voice chat facility, so you’ll have an incredible amount of control over
Price £ 25.99
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Moray Gaming Headphones
Razer's Moray Gaming Headphones are in-ear headphones designed for listening to games and music on the move, and you won't be disappointed with the premium sound you get out of them. You won't be disturbed by unwanted external noise either, be
Price £ 29.97
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Moray Gaming Headphones
Using the Razer Moray Gaming Headphones, you won't be tearing yourself away from your games and music in a hurry. With their all-encompassing rich, penetrating in-ear sound, whether you're on the move, or in front of your game console at home, you
Price £ 24.97
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Piranha Gaming Headset
For the ultimate in video gaming realism you want the Razer Piranha Gaming Headset which delivers pin-sharp sound with improved bass response.Inline controls ensure that you never have to take your eyes off the action, and the adjustable noise-filtering m
Price £ 54.99
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Protone M100 In-ear Headphones
The Razer Protone M100 In-ear Headphones may be small, but they're capable of packing a punch that belies their slight stature.Incorporating ProBass technology, the M-100 In-ear Headphones offer superb quality, while 3 different sized 'tips' e
Price £ 9.99
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Carcharias Gaming Headset
Really appreciate the effort that goes into creating the sound and music for a specific video game by jacking up the Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset. The circumaural design if the Carcharias envelopes the ears to deliver total comfort and performance, pro
Price £ 99.99
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G35 Surround Sound Headset
Give your gaming experience the edge with this Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset.Featuring 7.1-channel surround sound, this headset provides clear, detailed, high quality sound that will really bring your game to life.The Logitech G35 Surround Sound Hea
Price £ 109.99
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Kave 5.1Ch Surround Sound Gaming Headset - Black
Immerse yourself in the ultimate live gaming experience by insisting on the Roccat Kave 5.1Ch Surround Sound Gaming Headset, which offers an overhead headset design that literally makes you part of the game!Features like fully rotatable and removable micr
Price £ 79.99
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TactX Gaming Headset - Black
Stay in the game with gusto and high-quality audio performance with the Alienware TactX Gaming Headset.  This sleek gaming headset is built for hardcore gaming in any conditions. Comfortable yet lightweight, the TactX Gaming Headset features three-pi
Price £ 59.99
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