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LifeCam VX-3000 Webcam
With the Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 Webcam you can take instant messaging with friends and family to a new, vibrant level of sight and sound. The Windows Live Call button means you can contact friends online withthe click of a button. Windows Live Messenge
Price £ 29.99
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Lifecam VX-5000 Webcam
Give your chat sessions the video edge with Microsoft’s Lifecam VX-5000 Webcam.The Lifecam offers a new CMOS image sensor and lens which will provide stunning image clarity. The black rubberised stands keep the cam secure and can tilt and bend in th
Price £ 24.99
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300K Webcam + Headset
See and be seen by faraway friends and family without the expense and hassle of meeting up in person, thanks to the P03GWKT09 Webcam from PC Line.Boasting 300K video and photo resolution as well as a free headset, the P03GWKT09 Webcam just needs to be plu
Price £ 2.99
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100K Webcam
Keep in contact with family, friends and colleagues with the convenient and affordable P01EWCB09 Webcam from PC Line!The PC Line P01EWCB09 Webcam boasts a 100K video resolution and a microphone built in. Just plug it in and start chatting! The PC Line P01
Price £ 3.29
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3 Mega Pixel HD Webcam
The Advent A30BWCB09 Webcam is ideal for internet communication, with a built in microphone andautomatic sound and light correction.Use with programssuch as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger forface-to-face chat all over the world! Simply
Price £ 24.99
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Live! Cam Socialize HD Webcam
Stay in touch wherever you are with Creative's sleek Live! Cam Socialize HD Webcam,which offers a true HD sensor for great images that will have youlooking your best even under less-than-perfect conditions like dimlighting.Compact and stylish, the Sky
Price £ 34.99
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H5D-00003 Lifecam Cinema Webcam
Want a seriously upmarket webcam? Check out the Microsoft H5D-00003 Lifecam Cinema Webcam!Delivering astonishing 720p High Definition video in a 16:9 widescreen format, plus equally awesome sound, the H5D-00003 will be an asset to your PC! Microsoft have
Price £ 39.99
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LifeCam VX-2000 Webcam
The all-seeing LifeCam VX-2000 Webcam from Microsoft offers fantastic features, functionality and a cool 3 x digital zoom at a price point that will appeal to all.The VX2000 has impressive technology to allow it to function in differing conditions. For ex
Price £ 24.99
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2 Mega Pixel Webcam
With the Advent A20BAWC09 Webcam, you'll be able to gabble away to your friends and family from across the globe for hours on end.With a resolution of 2 mp, a built-in microphone, plus an automatic sound and light correction, the Advent A20BAWC09 Webc
Price £ 17.99
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1.3 Mega Pixel Webcam
Do you have close friends or family that live far away? Do you often find yourself chatting on Skype or internet telephony sites? Make those calls extra special with the PC Line P13GWCB09 Webcam. Whether you are backpacking in South America, attending a b
Price £ 6.39
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