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TB-6300 Slimline Design Tablet
If you're serious about designing you'll be serious about this Trust TB -6300 Slimline Design Tablet, the perfect companion for anyone who is involved with picture and video editing. It also includes other design applications such as freehand draw
Price £ 49.99
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TB-5300 Slimline Design Tablet
The Trust TB-5300 Slimline Design Tablet takes your sketches, scribblings and impressions – and faithfully transfers them to your computer. Perfect for illustrators, artists and designers, the wonderfully efficient TB-5300 provides 140 x 100 mm of w
Price £ 39.99
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Wireless Mouse and Media Desktop 1000 Keyboard Set
The Microsoft Wireless Media Desktop 1000 Wireless media keyboard and mouse has been designed with modern PC use and comfort in mind. It has a ergonomic design, which ensures you don't strain your wrists while your work and thanks to wireless capabili
Price £ 29.99
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Cintiq 12WX LCD Graphics Tablet
If you're an avid photographer, illustrator, or designer, why not express your ideas and creations using the Wacom Cintiq 12WX LCD Graphics Tablet? This is a graphics tablet with a difference: you're able to experience direct pen-on-screen action.
Price £ 899.99
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Mac Pro MB535B/A
If you're looking for a computer that performs magnificently and oozes style, then the MacPro MB535B/A from Apple is the one for you. It features a charming 2x 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Nehalem processor so you can feel the benefits of a really fas
Price £ 2449.97
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Intuos4 Small A6 Graphics Tablet
The Intuos4 Small A6 Graphics Tablet from Wacom allows you to recreate the control and technique you have with a pencil or paintbrush onto the computer screen.The Wacom Intuos4 allows you to perform free-flowing movements to the screen – scrolling,
Price £ 199.99
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Intuos4 Extra-large A3 Graphics Tablet
Wacom's unique Intuos4 Extra-large A3 Graphics Table delivers probably the most authentic drawing experience you can imagine!Are you a photographer, illustrator, designer or animator and want to make your characters, emotions and ideas really come to
Price £ 679.99
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Intuos4 Large A4 Graphics Tablet
Ever wondered how characters, emotions and ideas come to life? If you're a photographer, illustrator, designer or animator, why not take a peek at the Wacom Intuos4 Large A4 Graphics Table! At your fingertips, you have scrolling, zooming and brush adj
Price £ 449.99
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Bamboo Fun Small Graphics Tablet
For your PC-based design needs, ditch the mouse and go for a graphics tablet such as the Wacom Bamboo Fun Small Graphics Tablet, which features Multi-Touch gesture controls as well as Wacom's famous ergonomically-designed pen.The silver tablet allows
Price £ 89.99
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Bamboo Touch Graphics Tablet
Enjoy more precise cursor control with the Wacom Bamboo Touch Graphics Tablet, featuring multi-touch gesture controls.Gestures alone are enough to navigate, zoom in and out, rotate and scroll this clever device. As well as the ease of Multi-Touch, you are
Price £ 49.99
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