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SFD28 Spin Dryer
For the space and energy conscious - the Frigidaire SFD28 White Spin Dryer is ideal for those that have limited space. The Frigidaire SFD28 White Spin Dryer may be compact but it doesn't compromise on performance. Its dryingcapacity of 5.5 lb lets you
Price £ 109.99
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Premium Plus HH40205 Ironing Board
The Minky Premium Plus HH40205Ironing Board offers a generous ironing surface of 122 x 38 cm, giving youthe space to iron large garments comfortably and efficiently. The iron rest isdesigned to suit both conventional irons and steam generator irons, makin
Price £ 34.99
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Iron Cleaning Cloth - twin pack
The Minky Iron Cleaning Cloth is designed toremove any sticky residue from the soleplate of your iron. Thanks to its specialtexture, it also has a polishing effect on the surface, helping your iron retainits smoothness while gliding over your clothes!This
Price £ 1.99
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V1981 Easy Stitch Sewing Machine - White
The JML V1981 EasyStitch Sewing Machine has a 4.8W power output and is a lightweight portablesewing machine. It is ideal for repairing clothes, soft furnishings or adding apersonal touch to your favourite clothes. This sewing machine mends, sews and sea
Price £ 24.99
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L110IB10 Ironing Board - White
The Logik L110IB10 Ironing Board is ideal to get your ironingchores done quickly and easily. This white and dot patterned weighs just4.8kg and is easy to handle or store away in a cupboard. This ironing board also fits steam generator irons, making it eas
Price £ 14.99
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1250220108 Flexible Vent Hose - 2.5 Metres
This is a genuine Electrolux 1250220108 Flexible Vent Hose for tumble dryers, with a 108mm diameter and 2.5 metre length.
Price £ 4.99
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502843530 Drain Hose - for washing machines
The Electrolux 502843530 Drain Hose for washing machines is an extendable drain hose that can range from 1.2 to 4.0 metres.
Price £ 5.99
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Dishwasher Starter Kit
The Electrolux Dishwasher Starter Kit includes 1 box of 25dishwasher tablets, 1 lemon deodoriser to help keep your dishwashersmelling fresh, 1 degreaser and 1 kg of salt.The Dishwasher Starter Kit has everything you need to keep your dishwasher like new.
Price £ 14.99
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EB150 Ecoballs - 150 Washes
For an economical and ecological alternative to eashing powder use Ecozone EB150 Ecoballs.Simply place the EB150 Ecoballs in your washing machine in place of washing powder, and let them do their magic. EB150 Ecoballs are chemical and residue free and wor
Price £ 11.99
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502923300 Bag
The 502923300 Laundry Bag from Electrolux is a large washing bag (40cm x 60cm) designed to keep yourdelicate items.
Price £ 1.29
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