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Satellite Finder
The SLx Satellite Finder allows you to get the best possible sound and picture from your satellitedish with the SLx Satellite Finder. The SLx Satellite Finder will help you align yourSatellite dish to the perfect position for obtaining the best possible s
Price £ 10.99
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2-Way Aerial Amplifier
This SLX 2-Way Aerial Amplifier can be used to amplify your TV and DAB radio signals for great reception. Specially designed to receive analogue TV and VHF FM signals, the SLX 2-Way Aerial Amplifier includes a digital bypass for compatibility with Digilin
Price £ 17.99
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Coaxial Satellite Lead - 10m
This high quality RG59 Philex Coaxial Satellite Lead is greatfor allowing analogue signal reception anddelivering improved sound and picture quality. Its 10-metre length isideal for long extensions, offering excellent installation flexibility.
Price £ 6.99
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Television Extension Kit - 15m
This Philex Television Extension Kit contains the essentials for running 2 televisions from a single aerial.Included in the extension kit is a 15-metre coaxial aerial cable, which can becut shorter to suit your requirements, cable pins for routing the cab
Price £ 6.99
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Compact Digital TV Antenna Kit
The Compact Digital TV Antenna Kit by Stilexo offers a modern and reliable outdoor digital aerial that'll bring you all the television you'll ever need, straight to your home!Including a signal booster ensuring the best viewing quality available i
Price £ 49.99
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Omnidirectional DAB Outdoor Aerial
The SLx Omnidirectional DAB Outdoor Aerial is designed to maximise your signal for optimum DAB radio reception. The omni-directional design enables you to fine-adjust the aerial for best results.Ideal for areas with a weak signal, the Omnidirectional DAB
Price £ 15.99
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4 Room Digital TV Distribution Kit
Connect 4 different TVs from just one aerialoutput With the SLx 4 Room Digital TVDistribution Kit. This great value kit comprises of a 4 way aerial amplifier and a 3 remote extender.Get more from digital TV.
Price £ 25.99
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27752HS03 FM Aerial
The FLx 27752HS03 FM Aerial is an indoor ribbon aerialwhich guarantees a crisp, clear signal.
Price £ 5.99
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48 Element TV Antenna
Give your digital TV reception a helping hand with the superb Stilexo48 Element TV Antenna.  This high gain wideband TV ariel is able toreceive all available digital and analogue television signals and issuitable for all signal strength areas. The S
Price £ 34.99
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Flylead Coax Plug to Plug - 1m
Receive fantastic RF aerial/satellite signal connections between your VCR, Digital TV receiver, Digital Satellite Receivers, TV and aerial outlet plates using the Philex Flylead Coax Plug to Plug.Ensure you have a secure connection and superb durability t
Price £ 7.99
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