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A Mind of Knowledge Second Edition - for PC
The A Mind ofKnowledge Second Edition from Focus Multimedia is a stunning reference packcontaining Encyclopaedia Britannica 2006 Standard Edition, EncyclopaediaBritannica presents Human Body, Penguin Hutchinson Reference Suite and theConcise Oxford Englis
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Oxford Reference Suite 7th Edition
This 7th Edition Oxford Reference Suite from Focus Multimedia is both comprehensive and authoritative!With a Concise Oxford English Dictionary, New Oxford Thesaurus of English and an Oxford Dictionary of Quotations all included, the Oxford Reference Suite
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eBook Reader - Racing Green
Compatible with Windows PC and Mac, the green Cool-er eBook Reader is an electronic book reader that is lighter and smaller than most readers and has e-ink technology to give you an authentic paper look. This eReader lets you change the size of the font w
Price £ 139.99
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