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Rescue Your Videotapes Package
With VHS Video Cassettes and other tape media fast fading into the distance, the Magix Rescue Your Videotapes Package offers you a complete solution for saving your old tapes as DVDs. Suitable for VHS, Video 8, S-VHS, Hi8, Betamax and other tape formats,
Price £ 34.99
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Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes!
Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes!, by Magix for the PC, will enable you to transfer your entire record and tape collection to CD, DVD or mp3.Simply connect your turntable or cassette recorder via the included USB pre-amp directly to your PC and start Rescue
Price £ 39.99
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Samplitude Music Studio 15
You'll be able to create professional-standard music on your PC with Magix Samplitude Music Studio 15! This easy-to-use software provides you with top-class virtual instruments, a professional mixing console, direct multi-track recording, high quality
Price £ 43.82
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Movies on iPhone & iPod 3
Enjoy movies on the roadwith X-OOM's ingenious Movies on iPhone & iPod 3, for the PC. Movies on iPhone & iPod 3 allows you to copy your favourite films onto your iPod oriPhone in just a few clicks. A high speed video encoder recognises all sta
Price £ 12.97
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Music Maker Rock Edition 3
Unleashyour creativity with the Magix Music Maker Rock Edition 3, for the PC.With all thetools of a professional recording studio, Music Maker Rock Edition 3 offers youthe chance to realize all your musical ideas in an interactive and user friendlyway. Wi
Price £ 17.99
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Music Maker Dance Edition 3
Magix Music Maker Dance Edition 3 for the PC gives you the tools to produce your own club tracks. Take advantageof the virtual sound studio to create great beats on your home computer!Magix Music Maker Dance Edition 3 includes over 1000 sounds and loops f
Price £ 17.99
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Music Maker Hip Hop Edition 3
Create powerful beatsand hard grooves with the Magix Music Maker Hip Hop Edition 3, for the PC.Music Maker Hip-HopEdition 3 virtual PC studio featuresBeatBox 2, the industry standard drum computer, and a sound archive with over 1,000interesting sounds and
Price £ 17.99
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DJay - for Mac
DJay for the Mac, published by Algoriddim,is a music player and DJ software package that interfaces with iTunes. Thisaffordable application turns your Mac into a powerful creative tool thatretains all the simplicity you would expect from a Mac! DJay inte
Price £ 35.99
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Piano & Keyboard Method 2
If you've got the feeling you could be the next Billy Joel or Elton John, then realise the dream with Emedia's Piano & Keyboard Method 2.Joinpiano teacher Irma Irene Justicia, M.A. - who has taught at New York'sfamous Juilliard School of
Price £ 29.06
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eMedia Guitar Method 4
Avanquest's eMedia Guitar Method 4 teaches you how to play the guitar atyour own pace, with a revolutionary teaching method that will have youpicking out riffs and strumming chords within minutes - even if you'rea complete beginner!Featuring over
Price £ 24.45
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