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BLX51 kMix Blender
This seriously attractive and practical product is a must for any chef or food lover! Brought out by Kenwood, the BLX51 kMix Blender is every kitchen's dream come true!With a powerful 800W motor, the BLX51 kMix Blender mixes effortlessly, and a host o
Price £ 69.99
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MSM6700GB Handheld Blender
The Bosch MSM6700GB Handheld Blender gives you the power of a tabletop blender in your hand, thanks to its versatile, compact design. The MSM 6700 comes equipped to handle anything your foodpreparation throws at it, including an ice-crushing blade, whisk
Price £ 54.99
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HB791 Hand Blender
The Kenwood kMix HB791 Hand Blender is the complete package for your food preparation. And it looks good too. This red blender has a 700 Watt engine with 5 variable speeds to makesure that your food is properly blended. It has 4 different attachmentsfor d
Price £ 82.99
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MSM6300GB Electric Hand Blender
The Bosch MSM6300GB Electric Hand Blender. The Bosch MSM6300GB is a nifty little handblender that will make cooking more enjoyable. With variable speeds and amini chopper attachment, all textures and products will perfectly blended forwhatever dish you m
Price £ 33.99
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kMix BLX52 Food Blender - almond
The kMix BLX52 Food Blender is one of Kenwood's kMix range of kitchen appliances that combines attractive, durable design with superb functionality.This jug-style blender incorporates a powerful 800W motor, with 4 dedicated pre-programmed electronic f
Price £ 74.99
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kMix BLX54 Food Blender - peppercorn
The kMix BLX54 Food Blender is one of Kenwood's kMix range of kitchen appliances that combines superb functionality with attractive, durable design.This versatile jug style blender is suitable for both right and left handed users. It incorporates a po
Price £ 74.99
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kMix BLX50 Food Blender - coconut
The kMix BLX50 Food Blender is one of Kenwood's kMix rangeof kitchen appliances that combines stylish, durable design with superbfunctionality. This versatile jug-style blender is suitable for right- and left-handed users. It incorporates a powerful 8
Price £ 99.99
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HR1362 Hand Blender
The Philips HR1362 Hand Blender has a powerful, 600-watt motor and sharp, double action blade that can cut food both horizontally and vertically.Thanks to a special turbo button, the Philips HR-1362 Hand Blender is capable of coping with the toughest ingr
Price £ 24.99
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MSM6150GB Hand Blender
The Bosch MSM6150GB Hand Blender is perfectfor blending delicious smoothies, soups, sauces and purees. Sharp stainlesssteel blades and variable speed settings, including a powerful turbofunction,are capable of coping with the toughest ingredients! And whe
Price £ 28.99
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MSM7700GB Hand Blender - red
The versatile Bosch MSM7700GB Hand Blender can perform a variety of tasks and featuresa detachable stainless steel foot incorporating four winged blades that are capable of quickand sumptuously smooth results! This attractive,retro red Bosch MSM7700GB Han
Price £ 64.99
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