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KM336 Chef Classic Mixer
The KM336 Chef Classic Mixer fromKenwood which is designed to take the effort out food preparation, leaving yougreater options and delicious recipes to play with. The large 4.6 litre capacity bowl of the Chef Classic is perfect for a huge variety of kitch
Price £ 249.99
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SHM2 Twin-motor Compact Mixer
Cause a bit of a stir in the kitchen with the Brevill SHM2 Compact Mixer, an invaluable tool to have for all meal-preparing occasions.The SHM2 includes a unique rotating bowl which works in conjunction with the 3-way beating system and mixing attachments
Price £ 59.99
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KN400 Electric Knife
Designed specifically for your convenience, the KN400 Electric Knife by Kenwood is a really versatile device that takes all the effort out of carving meat. With all the quality you would expect from the brand, the KN400 Electric Knife will cut through mea
Price £ 12.99
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Style Plus Paper Shredder
Rexel's Style Plus Paper Shredder will ensure that important documents don't fall into the wrong hands.The Rexel StylePlus canshred up to 7 sheets at a time in confetti cut strips, in addition tobeing strong enough to cut up credit cards! It also
Price £ 38.99
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Prostyle Confetti-cut Paper Shredder
Rexel's Prostyle Confetti-cut Paper Shredder efficientlyshreds up to 11 sheets of paper at a time into 4 x 35mm particles,preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands!A handy, viewing window lets you know when the Rexel Prostyle
Price £ 68.82
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KM010 Titanium Chef Food Mixer - silver
Kenwood's KM010Titanium Chef Food Mixer has an extremely powerful 1400-watt motor and a large4.6-litre stainless steel bowl with handles, to make your food preparationtasks quicker and easier than ever! This striking silver kitchenmachine comes with a
Price £ 399.99
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Powershred PS-68Ct Cross-cut Shredder - black & silver
Perfect for high volumes of paper shredding, this black and silver Fellowes Powershred PS-68Ct Cross-cut Shredder is perfect for the large household or small office.The Fellowes Powershred PS-68Ct Cross-cut Shredder will cross-cut 8 sheets at a time into
Price £ 134.97
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Basic Strip Cut Shredder
The PC Line Basic Strip Cut Shredder features a 5-strip cut shredding system, and will hold up to 7 litres of shredded paper.Get a safe destruction solution for your confidential documents with the Basic Strip Cut Shredder! At this price, you can't af
Price £ 9.99
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DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier
ThisDelonghi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier is a remarkably compact yet efficientdehumidifier for the home or small business. Just 42 cm tall and light enoughto easily move from room to room, this unit will quickly extract excessmoisture from the building!Ify
Price £ 129.99
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Mercury RSM1130 Paper Shredder
Don't take chances with your home or business information – keep it secure with the Rexel Mercury RSM1130 Paper Shredder.Taking its name from the use of Mercury jam-free technology, the Rexel Mercury RSM1130 Paper Shredder has an LED control pan
Price £ 399.99
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