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S1297 Classic Water Filter Cartridge - pack of 6
This Brita S1297 Classic Water Filter Cartridge 6-pack works with your Brita Classic jug to provide clean, clear drinking water. Each replaceable Brita S1297 Classic Water Filter Cartridge provides manylitres of deliciously filtered water, helping to red
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Elemaris S1711 Water Filter
Enjoy the benefits of drinking pure, refreshing water with the Brita Elemaris S1711 Water Filter. The S1711 uses a Maxtra filter toeliminate small particles and impurities from your drinking water, giving a beautiful taste every time. This dishwasher saf
Price £ 29.99
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L1JWF10 Water Filter Jug
Enjoy fresh, filtered, perfectly clear water at home with the Logik L1JWF10 Water Filter Jug, a transparentjug designed to easily fit in your fridge. This jug is supplied complete with filter cartridge to getyou started. With its 2-litre total capacity a
Price £ 14.99
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