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HQ6990/16 Electric Shaver
You will get a spectacularly close shave with the Philips HQ6990/16 Electric Shaver, thanks to its 3 shaving heads andunique Super Lift & Cut system. This system gentlylifts your hairs and cuts them comfortably below skin level, resulting in ultra-smo
Price £ 34.99
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HQ6970/16 Rotary Shaver
The Philips HQ6970/16 Rotary Shaver is one of Philips' 6900 series male shavers offering you a powerful and superbly close electric shave. The Philips HQ6970/16 features a dual blade system which provides double action shaving in one stroke. The first
Price £ 44.99
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HQ7320/17 Rotary Shaver
The Philips HQ7320/17 Rotary Shaver is a powerfulelectric shaver equipped to deliver a fantastically close shave withthe minimum of effort. Ultra-thin heads with slots have been designedto shave longerhairs, while micro holes will ensure even the shortest
Price £ 69.99
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R5130 Titanium 360 Rotary Men's Shaver
To keep yourself immaculately groomed with the minimum offuss, equip yourself with the superbly efficient Remington R5130Titanium 360 Rotary Men's Shaver! This stylish and ergonomically contoured shaver boasts anumber of useful features to help provid
Price £ 59.99
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F7790 Triple Foil Men's Shaver
Enjoy a luxuriously close and comfortable shave with the Remington F7790 TripleFoil Men's Shaver! This ergonomically designed electric razor employs Flex andPivot technology to assure you of a clean, close finish, whilst the titaniumand Teflon coated
Price £ 119.99
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F4790 Dual Foil Men's Shaver
The Remington F4790Dual Foil Men's Shaver offers a comfortable and efficient shavingperformance at an attractive price! Ergonomically designed, the contoured F4790 Dual Foil Men's Shaver employs dual foil titanium coatedblades with Flex and Pivot
Price £ 39.99
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Diamond 360 Rotary Men's Shaver
Keep yourself well-groomed with the high-performanceRemington Diamond 360 Rotary Men'sShaver! This luxurious electric razor incorporates Flex & PivotTechnology, three individual floating heads, and Dual Track Technology toprovide you with a comfor
Price £ 94.99
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Nivea For Men HS800 Shaving Conditioner Cartridge
If you've got a Philips HS8640 or HS8620 razor, fill it with a cream that's gentle and soothing to the skin - courtesy of the Philips Nivea For Men HS800 Shaving Conditioner Cartridge.Soften, replenish and revitalise your face with the vitamins an
Price £ 6.99
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SP62 Dual Foil & Cutter Combi Pack
This Remington SP62 Dual Foil &Cutter Combi Pack restoresthe performance of your Remington shaver, givingit that like-new shaving performance! It includes a high-qualityoriginal Remington dual foil and cutter, and costs much less thanbuying a newshave
Price £ 15.99
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SP-DF R6130 Diamond 360 Shaver/R7130 Titanium 360 Shaver Rotary Cutting Head
The Remington SP-DF R6130 Diamond 360 Shaver/R7130 Titanium 360 Shaver Rotary Cutting Head helps you extend the life of your Remington shaver.The SP-DF R6130 Diamond 360 Shaver/R7130 Titanium 360 Shaver Rotary Cutting Head works with both the R6130 Diamon
Price £ 31.99
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