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HB794 kMix Hand Blender - peppercorn
Kenwood's durable, cast aluminium HR1362 kMix Hand Blender which has a powerful, 700-wattmotor and comes complete with a range of accessories enabling you to chop,slice, shred, blend and whisk - quickly and easily! This compact, peppercorn coloured Ke
Price £ 72.99
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HR2020 Blender - 1.75L
Want a blender but don't have much storage space to spare? Then consider thiswhite Philips HR2020 Blender,claimed by Philips to be the world's most compact full-sized blender! This innovative 1.75-litre blender offers full-size performance, court
Price £ 29.99
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GPA315 Prep Expert Hand Blender
Food preparation is made that little bit easier with theassistance of this excellent Krups GPA315Prep Expert Hand Blender! The 6-speed Krups GPA315Prep Expert Hand Blender offers ergonomic fingertip control, with a host ofuseful features such as progressi
Price £ 49.99
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HB792 Almond kMix Hand Blender
Introduce atouch of style and efficiency into your kitchen with the Kenwood HB792 Almond kMix HandBlender.The Kenwood HB72'selegant coconut-white exterior belies a powerful 700-watt, 5 speed blender,with whisk blade and wand attachments - more than ca
Price £ 72.95
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HB716 Triblade Hand Blender
The Kenwood HB716 Triblade Hand Blender delivers high levels of efficiency and convenience, to make food preparation as effortless as possible. With its triple blade system, 700W motor, and unique foot design, the Kenwood HB-716 Triblade Hand Blender
Price £ 39.99
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HB714 Triblade Hand Blender
Blend to perfection with the handy and efficient Kenwood HB714 TribladeHand Blender!The HB-714 Triblade Hand Blender features a powerful 700W motor, stainless steel blades, andincludes whisk and wand attachments to take the effortout of food preparation.
Price £ 44.99
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14500 Platinum Blender
This Russell Hobbs 14500 Platinum Blender is a safe, reliable and stylish jug blender. An LED-illuminated dial shows you the speed of the six blades.A safety cut-out system prevents operation when the jug is not fitted properly: no harm and no spills!This
Price £ 99.99
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S15PB10 Premium Blender - Silver
The SandstromS15PB10 Premium Blender is amust-have appliance for any kitchen. This premium blender has a large 1.5-litre glass jug that will handle severalglasses of juice or drinks and easily blend your ingredients for a large meal.The jug comes with a
Price £ 58.99
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HB711 Triblade Hand Blender
The Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender delivers high levels of efficiency and convenience, to make food preparation as effortless as possible.With its triple blade system, 700-watt motor, and unique foot design, the Kenwood HB711 Triblade blender maximis
Price £ 23.99
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HR2094 Blender
Perfect, refreshing smoothies are just a button away withthe Philips HR2094 Blender. The HR2094 Blender has extra power that will give you superior blending and crushing. With a 750Watt engine, it can handle almost anything from fruits to vegetables and
Price £ 63.99
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