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C24HBW09 Hand Blender - White
TheEssentials C24HBW09 Hand Blender is the smart way to blend juices, soups,sauces and more. With a 170-watt motor and two speed settings, the Essentials C24HBW09 HandBlender makes short work of heavy blending tasks. You'll also find its0.8-metre cab
Price £ 4.18
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HR1368 Cordless Hand Blender - White & Grey
The Philips HR1368Cordless Hand Blender will literally put the power in your hands with its7.2V Li-ion battery that give you a running time of up to 20 minutes with onespeed setting. The Philips HR1368 Cordless Hand Blender has a control button with ane
Price £ 64.99
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BL523D34 Blender - Silver & Black
The Jamie Oliver BL523D34 Blender is ideal for anyone whoreally likes their soups, juices and sauces. This blender has a powerful 500Wmotor fitted with multi-function sharpened and serrated blades. It hasa 1.5L glass jug and a stylish brushed stainlessste
Price £ 59.99
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HB500834 Hand Blender - Black & Silver
The cool black and silver Jamie Oliver HB500834 Hand Blender is an ideal kitchen tool to make cooking efficient and hassle free. This blender combines various functions with a sleek cook-friendly design to help you cook easily and make the process fun!Uni
Price £ 54.99
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HB250SUK Rio Commercial Bar Blender
This Hamilton Beach HB250SUK Rio Commercial Bar Blender uses a Wave-Action system to continually force the mixture down into the bladesfor ultra-smooth results. This powerful machine with its ½ HP motor can blend ahalf-litre daiquiri in only 20 sec
Price £ 289.99
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HB908UK 908 Commercial Bar Blender
This Hamilton Beach HB908UK 908 Commercial Bar Blender isgreat for making margaritas, daiquiris, and more, and with its powerful 3/8 Hpmotor can mix a 500 ml daiquiri in just 25 seconds. The easy-to-use Hamilton Beach HB908UK 908 Commercial Bar Blender in
Price £ 199.99
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L16BSS10 Blender - Stainless Steel
Despite its affordable price, this Logik L16BSS10 Blender in black and stainlesssteel should prove an invaluable addition to any kitchen!With its 500W motor and five selectablespeeds the L16BSS10 Blender willmake short work of blending ingredients for del
Price £ 16.99
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C15BW09 Jug Blender - White
The Essentials C15BW09 Jug Blender is an exceptionally affordable blender with a power of 300-350 watts. This no-nonsense model isfinished in a clean white colour and comes with a 1.5-litre jug and a measuringcup.With 4 speeds and a pulse function, blendi
Price £ 9.79
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5KSB52ER Ultra Power Blender - Empire Red
The KitchenAid 5KSB52ER Ultra PowerBlender features the style and quality for which this brand is so famous. Designedfor demanding chefs and other enthusiastic kitchen users, this model has animpressive 500-watt motor and a 1.25-litre jar. The KitchenAid
Price £ 148.99
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5KSB52BOB Ultra Power Blender - Onyx Black
Make a statement on your kitchen countertop with the Onyx Black KitchenAid 5KSB52BOB Ultra Power Blender.  The timeless beauty of the design combined with power and performance make this KitchenAid 5KSB52BOB Ultra Power Blender stand out from the res
Price £ 148.99
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