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CDA554W Upright Fridge Freezer
Beko's CDA554W Upright Fridge Freezer is an ideal family-sized appliance for fresh and frozen food storage, boasting a broad range of features with a classic bright, white finish. The Beko's CDA554W Upright Fridge Freezer has a generous capacity w
Price £ 299.99
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KGH33X03GB Fridge Freezer - White
The Bosch Exxcel KGH33X03GB Fridge Freezer boasts innovative design, ease of use and a host of other features that make this Fridge Freezer the ultimate in cold food storage.The KGH33X03GB comes with all you'd expect from a modern fridge freezer
Price £ 429.99
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ART 477/5 Integrated Fridge Freezer
Whirlpool's bright white ART 477/5 Integrated Fridge Freezer is an attractively designed appliance with all the features necessary foreffective and well-organised fresh and frozen food storage. The Whirlpool ART 477/5 Integrated Fridge Freezer'sg
Price £ 529.99
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HBC3050AK Built-in Fridge Freezer
The HooverHBC3050AK Integrated Fridge Freezer boasts an A rating for energyefficiency, a fast-freeze feature and a total storage capacity of 242 litres. The Hoover HBC3050AK features a 156-litre refrigerator section with 3 adjustable,safety-glass shelves
Price £ 449.99
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BC50F Integrated Fridge Freezer
The Beko BC50F Integrated Fridge Freezer meets all the smaller kitchen's fresh and frozen storage needs, providing 217 litres of capacity in total.Beko's BC50-F Integrated Fridge Freezer minimises your carbon footprint as well as your fuel bills,
Price £ 399.99
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BC73F Built-in Fridge Freezer
Designed for larger households, this 237-litre BC73FIntegrated Fridge Freezer by Beko boasts a massive 189-litre fridge capacityand a generous 48-litre freezer compartment.  The Beko BC73-F Integrated Fridge Freezer is rated A for energy efficiency,
Price £ 369.99
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C155CW10 Fridge Freezer - White
The Essentials C155CW10 Upright Fridge Freezer is ideal if space is at a premium in your kitchen. A space of only 49.4 centimetres wide will accommodate, while a height of just 142.6 centimetres will leave you room at the top. Reversible doors provide fur
Price £ 179.99
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CSC55W10 Fridge Freezer - White
In addition to its white exterior, the Essentials CSC55W10Fridge Freezer boasts massive 236-litre storage capacity and an Arating for energy efficiency, which makes it's incredible kind to your pocketand the environment. The CSC55W10 Fridge Freezer
Price £ 229.99
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RF187MP Fridge Freezer - White
Instill you kitchen with some elegance and charm with the high performing Hotpoint RF187MP Fridge Freezer.Are you living in a large family? You can sit back and rest assured you'll fit all your culinary delights inside this fridge-freezer's ample
Price £ 339.99
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LFC60W10 Fridge Freezer - White
Providing 295 litres of space, the Logik LFC60W10Fridge Freezer is the ideal storage solution for your fresh and frozengoods.    An 'A' energy rating is a sure sign that the Logik LFC60W10 FridgeFreezer is economical to run, and it'
Price £ 329.99
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