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Junior Brain Train Logic Games - for PC
Published by Avanquest, JuniorBrain Train Logic Games for the PC will engage young players in a selectionof 12 brain-teasing games, which are designed to test and train key logicskills. Players will use memory, reasoning, and calculation to earnrewards an
Price £ 2.99
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Big Kahuna Words
Avanquest's BigKahuna Words for the PC is an adventure gamewith words, based on a Hawaiiantheme. Players will dive amongst hammerhead sharks and other underwaterlife, breaking stone blocks with their own words in a fun puzzle game! As you explore neve
Price £ 7.21
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Mah Jong Quest II
Published by Avanquest, Mah Jong Quest II for the PC has players guiding the teenage male Kwazi Whiteand female Kwazi Black through the elemental Moon Gates by solving Mahjongpuzzles. The mission is to restore harmony to the world, as you progressthrough
Price £ 6.33
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1000 Games Volume 3
In Avanquest's 1000Games Volume 3 for the PC the vast selection of fun-filled games will leaveyou spoiled for choice! This collection of classic retro action and arcade games,pop drop and stack games, puzzle and crystal maze games, solitaire card game
Price £ 4.99
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Speed Up Your PC
To improve your PC's performance take a look at Avanquest's Speed Up Your PC, incorporating the formidablePC Booster program - which will speed up your computer performance in just afew clicks! PC Booster creates a cleaner PC system by deleting un
Price £ 9.99
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Hotel Giant
Published by Avanquest, HotelGiant for the PC is a simulation game which has players building, designing,and managing a top hotel in any of 23 exciting locations. Familiarise yourselfwith the ups and downs of the tourist industry and make your hotel a suc
Price £ 3.83
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Cinderella Royal Wedding
In Cinderella RoyalWedding for the PC, you'll help to make Cinderella's dreams come true, asyou help decorate a Royal Ballroom, and prepare for special events such as aMouse Tea Party and Cinderella's Outdoor Wedding. Other fun features of Cin
Price £ 4.99
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Princess II: Fashion Boutique
Bring allof your dreams to magical life with the Disney's Princess II: Fashion Boutique,for the PC. Let Disney'sBelle, Ariel and Jasmine transform you into the princess you are by helping youdecide on the perfect hairstyle and dress. With My Virtu
Price £ 4.99
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Who Do You Think You Are?
Effectively researchyour own family history with Avanquest's Who Do You Think You Are?, theofficial PC software of the BBC series. Createtrees, charts and reports as you thoroughly investigate your family roots and past. WhoDo You Think You Are? will
Price £ 8.13
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Medieval Games Trilogy
Enjoy theexcitement and adventure of 3 classic medieval games in one game pack, with Avanquest's Medieval Games Trilogy for the PC. MedievalGames Trilogy includes Knights of Honor, Tortuga and Patrician III - threegreat strategy games to test any game
Price £ 3.72
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