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iWork '09 - for Mac
Apple's iWork 09 allows you to create spreadsheets, documents and presentations on your Mac. Compatible with Microsoft Office, iWork 09 encompasses ‘Pages 09' (word processor), ‘Numbers 09' (spreadsheet application) and ‘Keyn
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DiskWarrior 4 - for Mac
DiskWarrior4 for the Mac is the legendary disaster recovery software fromAlsoft. It is aimed at preventing and resolving directory damage on the harddisk, which is the leading cause of instability on Mac computers.DiskWarrior4 resolves existing disk damag
Price £ 89.99
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MacFreelance - for Mac
Save timeon paperwork by managing your productivity on your Mac with MacFreelance.This time-managementsoftware helps you add new clients, monitor the time you spend on projects,keep track of miles driven and payments, use international formatting for thos
Price £ 59.99
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MacSpeech Dictate - for Mac
MacSpeech Dictate for the Mac is a powerfulproductivity enhancer that both slow and fast typers will appreciate. Thissoftware converts your speech into written text on the screen with astonishing accuracy!In addition to making text entry much quicker than
Price £ 179.99
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Web Standard - for PC
With Mamut WebStandard you can quickly and easily design professional-looking websitesfor your company using pre-designed templates. No previous experience is necessaryin web design. Ideal for the start-up business, Mamut Web Standard includes e-commerce
Price £ 193.99
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Web Start - for PC
If you're looking to build your own start-up e-commercewebsite, this Mamut Web Start programmay be the ideal solution! Using intuitive template software, you can create awebsite in as little as 30 minutes.Mamut Web Start provides a 12-month subscripti
Price £ 116.49
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Office Mini - for PC
Office Mini - perfect for small businesses, is an easy to use accounting and invoicing solution from Mamut helping to not only save you time but also save you money!Mamut Office Mini helps you manage important, day-to-day activities in one integrated pack
Price £ 54.99
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CRM & Sales Start
Ideal for small businesses everywhere, this Mamut CRM & Sales Start provides you withextensive tools for a complete contact and sales management system! Mamut CRM & SalesStart provides your business with a professional-looking sales andinvoicing s
Price £ 136.99
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Office Start - for PC
For anyone entering into business and looking for a straightforwardsolution to dealing with quotations, orders, invoices and accounts, you needlook no further than Mamut Office Start!This comprehensive package even incorporates a simple website template d
Price £ 203.00
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Accounting Standard - for PC
Mamut Accounting Standard for thePC is an all-in-one accounting solution for small- and mid-size companies. Thesoftware package includes everything accounting staff need to ensure fullcontrol, and gives you a complete overview of your accounts - essential
Price £ 213.49
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